Osprey adult


And yet another posting about an Osprey and a fish?

Yes, for today I managed a picture of an adult Osprey that complemented the juvenile posted two days ago. That one showed a juvenile with orange eyes and dipped-in-cream wing feathers.

This shows an adult with yellow eyes and plain wing feathers.

It is mid September and the adults will leave for Central America or Venezuela any day now. The juveniles will follow within a couple of weeks. Ospreys will soon be gone from around the Lake for the year.

This is an adult Osprey (yellow eyes and plain wing feathers) hoarding a partially consumed Kokanee Salmon.

For no better reason other than I like the shot, here is the same adult flying off with its partialy consumed fish.

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4 Responses to Osprey adult

  1. julia z says:

    He doesn’t look pleased to have his breakfast interrupted!

  2. Christine says:

    Magical photos, thank you Alistair. We had quite an event in the Nelson area with the live cam recording this summer. Fortunately one of the chicks survived and is now a full fledged Osprey young adult. So great to remember this through your close up photos!

    • Alistair says:

      Christine, that osprey (named Nel, presumably for Nelson) was released at Kokanee Creek last Friday. She (the bird is a female) has indeed fledged. However, she is still a juvenile and will not become an adult (able to breed) for another two or three years.

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