Western Grebe


The picture, below, does not hint at the satisfaction of acquiring the shot. 

The Western Grebe comes to Kootenay Lake each fall and leaves for the Coast a few months later. So there is ample time to see it. The problem is that this bird stays far out on the Lake, and usually will not deign to come close enough for a good picture. 

Yestermorn, I was at the Nelson waterfront and wondered when Western Grebes might arrive. Derek Kite promptly pointed to a single one in the middle of the Lake. Although really distant, it seemed to be moving our way. We moved along the shore until close enough to see the red of its eyes.

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2 Responses to Western Grebe

  1. Jean Simpson says:

    About a week ago I saw a bird that looked very like this, swimming very rapidly along the shore of the lake near the Electric Tram shed. But to me it looked like it had reddish feathers on its head – or was it just the light? It was slightly bigger than a mallard and very streamlined.

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