Not a waterbird


The West Arm waterbird count has been conducted since 1974, but I am only a recent participant. Yesterday, most of the interesting birds were seen far out on the Lake and so did not produce good images. However, one land bird did.

A (fist-sized) Pygmy Owl was hunting from a tree branch in Kokanee Creek Park.

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7 Responses to Not a waterbird

  1. B. says:

    I double dare you!………..

  2. Jean Simpson says:

    Priceless! what a fierce expression for such a tiny creature

  3. Pamella says:

    I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. As beautiful, perhaps, but not more.

  4. wendy scott says:

    …and a swift and accurate hunter. One of his kin perched in my cherry tree and waited patiently until a mouse appeared from under the floor boards of my deck.
    Next frame: owl in Mulberry tree with his back to me and a skinny tail hanging below the branch.

  5. Trevor Goward says:

    It’s a rare thing in my experience – not sure why – to see a photograph of a bird roosting on a branch richly endowed with lichens, in this case Parmelia sulcata and a little Usnea for good measure. Well done!

    • Alistair says:

      Trevor, you open my eyes to something interesting to watch for. I wonder if this is an owl thing. I went through my owl shots and as often as not have seen them on a lichen-bearing branch.

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