March marmot again


Over the preceding five years, the first marmot I noticed appeared progressively earlier in the season. Five years ago, it was late March, last year it had shifted to late February. Was this a trend? With the persistent snows of this year, the first marmot spotted is again in late March. 

Yesterday’s yellow-bellied marmot looks almost pensive as it contemplates spring.

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5 Responses to March marmot again

  1. Claire says:

    Perhaps he’s just stunned to realize he’s awake and back in the business of finding food to feast upon.

    • Alistair says:

      Claire, a marmot takes its summer activities seriously: it sleeps, basks, eats, and has sex. Such behaviour does suggest merit in the next comment. However, most Yellow-bellied Marmots are found south of the border.

  2. Don & Joanne says:

    Just in time for N H L playoffs! These “whistle pigs” love hockey & are like many Canadians in many respects. They go into their dens as hockey is starting & emerge in the Spring in time for warmth & playoffs. Sun in the day, games in the evening! So Canadian! Canada is seeking an animal to represent our country…Bingo! Marmot!

  3. wendy scott says:

    Perhaps we could settle on the Vancouver Island marmot — endangered and well worth supporting!

    • Alistair says:

      Wendy, or better still, the hoary marmot. It occupies much of the mainland of BC. However, none of these characterize anything other than a small portion of Canada.

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