Redheads are not common around the Lake, but there is something about a cold winter that draws them to the Nelson waterfront. About four dozen have been hanging around there for a while.

The duck is named for the striking red head of the male; the female (left) has better camouflage.

They are often seen with bills tucked into their feathers. It is, after all, cold.


“Oh, it is good to be me.” 

In an adjacent bay, seemingly segregated by colour, are some Greater Scaups with greenish heads.

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4 Responses to Redheads

  1. Grace says:

    Yes, I wondered what kind of birds these were as I don’t remember seeing them at the lake along the dog park before this winter. Their red heads are quite striking. What a nice variety of ducks we get at the Lake.

  2. Slydog says:

    How would it feel to be a Lesser Scaup? I cannot imagine.

  3. Tom Johnston says:

    The male’s blue bill is rather striking too. Seems that he’s all dressed up with no place to go.

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