HY Bald Eagle


For many years, I have been used to Black Bears turning up in my yard early in August. Alas, none have (apparently) done so this year. The berries must be good at higher elevations resulting in a scant need for an early descent into the valleys.

There have been scattered reports of bears visiting the spawning channels, yet my frequent visits to these spots have yet to reveal anything other than one uncooperative and distant cub.

However, during this morning’s sortie, I did have an interesting encounter: a close flyby by a hatch-year (HY, i.e., this year’s) Bald Eagle. 

A hatch-year Bald Eagle flew by so closely that it did not all fit into the camera’s frame.

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2 Responses to HY Bald Eagle

  1. Christine says:

    A beautiful encounter, Alistair!

  2. Trevor Goward says:


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