Pikas prepare


Pikas do not hibernate, so during the summer, they collect and store food for the winter. As winter approaches, preparation becomes intense. These pictures were taken two days ago. Yesterday, snow fell on the pikas. 

Dyslexia: Pikas normally live in talus, but these ones live in tailings. Are pikas dyslexic? Chuckle.

This was a large colony of pikas, with frenetic activity on every side.

A pika announces interlopers with an “EEP”. However, all quickly returned to foraging.

A pika forages vegetation beside the rocks.

And carries it back to its lair for the winter.

Some leaves are consumed on the spot.

As are stalks.

“Looking good in my winter pelage.”


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10 Responses to Pikas prepare

  1. Helen says:

    Very cute little guys!

  2. Lois says:

    Hi Helen. I am in Porto looking at pikas. Funny world.

  3. Christine Boyd says:

    Lovely detailed photos, thank you Alistair.

  4. Jean Simpson says:

    These little guys are so cute! I’m surprised they haven’t become popular as pets!

    • Alistair says:

      Jean, a pika would probably die at the temperatures we keep our homes. Pikas are adapted to high-altitude winter and hide underground on warm summer’s days.

  5. WAYNE SALUTI says:

    Great photos, thanx.

    “As are stocks”, do u mean stalks?

  6. Margo Saunders says:

    An engaging topic to all has to be the cute little pika.

    Introduce us to Carlo! I want to hear more of how he says it. As delightful use of our language as Alistair.

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