Geese: tender, combative


This is the mating season for geese (as it is for many other species). The implication is that there will be great attentiveness and tenderness between mates. However, along with this goes protectiveness. When another male wishes to possess your girl, you fight.

A moment of tenderness between Canada Geese: female, left; male, right.

Two male geese do aerial combat over a female. The defender, biting the aggressor, won.


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3 Responses to Geese: tender, combative

  1. birthe says:

    Hello Alistair,
    I cannot tell the difference between male and female Canada geese. Even looking at your beautiful photo I cannot tell. Could it be that there is more white on the male’s chest?
    Would you mind giving me a hint or two, please

  2. Harvey says:

    The norms of tenderness are being eroded here. But perhaps we have an example of male behavior toward females. #metoo

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