September goulash


This September’s goulash is thin gruel: only two previously unposted images from a generally sparse month of postings.

There are two unusual features to this picture of a chipmunk. I usually see chipmunks in the mountains rather than at the bottom of valleys. Further, this little fellow has been spending a week raiding a bird feeder and is seen here working on one of its seeds. I am used to squirrels raiding bird feeders, but not chipmunks. This is all rather odd.

This is an immature Bald Eagle with wings spread to apparently dry them after fishing for Kokanee in the stream below. Whenever I see an eagle drying its wings in this way, they are not spread wide, but shaped in a delta. Possibly this is to make it easier for water to drip off them.

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  1. Della C. Fenkner says:

    Interesting that this pose is also pretty good camouflage, except for the head.

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