Osprey returns


For a couple of days there have been reports around the Lake of the return of Ospreys. I saw my first one (indeed, three of them) this morning.

A newly arrived female Osprey lands on a branch.


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6 Responses to Osprey returns

  1. Irene McIlwaine says:

    Thanks for this super picture. Thought I saw one in the woods behind us yesterday.
    Easter greetings to you both. Irene

  2. Karen Pidcock says:

    So I wonder if the nesting geese are ready to absent their nests to give them up for the ospreys!

  3. Jennifer Young says:

    Spring and summer on Kootenay Lake, Costa Rica for the off season. These beautiful birds have the right idea. The commute however must be a challenge.

  4. Christine Boyd says:

    We saw our first osprey a few days ago. Well, Terry saw it, I didn’t, perched on its nest on the highway near Blewett. We’d been watching for a couple of weeks, anticipating their return. This is a fabulous photo!

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