Ground squirrel pups


Having shown some less-than-cute baby animals, it struck me as appropriate to show some societally more acceptable babies. The first things I ran across were some pups of Columbian Ground Squirrels.

Columbian Ground Squirrels are usually found in fields where an adult sentry stands over a burrow. Their pups have not previously been apparent to me. However, when Kokanee Creek Park was closed for five weeks starting in April, this normally skittish ground squirrel cautiously spread in response to human absence. That led to the opportunity to see its pups.

When the Park opened again in mid May, this Columbian Ground Squirrel was spotted at the south end of the spawning channel. And this is where the pups were seen starting in early July. 

At the beginning of July, three Columbian Ground Squirrel pups appeared at the same place the adult had been seen a month and a half earlier. 

I didn’t get them all in the same view, but did manage a shot of one pup feasting on leaves. 


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3 Responses to Ground squirrel pups

  1. Jean Simpson says:

    There were also some very young ground squirrels (or are they yellow-bellied marmots?) on the rocks below the “Welcome to Nelson” sign on the highway coming into Nelson.

    • Alistair says:

      Jean, if you are referring to the beasties that live in the talus on the way to Taghum, those are, indeed, yellow-bellied marmots. I have often seen their pups.

  2. Christine Boyd says:

    Beautiful photos Alistair. I also see the marmots Jean mentioned. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ground squirrels, maybe at the Kootenay Canal – Terry says we did, recently.

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