Hoodie rarity


We have Hooded Mergansers year round. And although this water bird is not as common as the mallard, there are ample opportunities to see them. Yet, only once before have I seen one stand on a solid surface: swim or fly, yes; stand, no. 

The issue is that unlike the mallard, which is a dabbling duck, the hoodie is a diver. So, its legs are set far back on its body for underwater propulsion and this makes it clumsy on land.

Mallards like to hang out on the ramp of a dock, because dogs can only approach from one direction and the birds have time to escape. The comforting presence of a mallard couple has clearly served as a lure for the Hooded Merganser couple.

A Hooded Merganser couple stand together.


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8 Responses to Hoodie rarity

  1. Grace Devaux says:

    Such a lovely pair of couples. Looks like they are all dressed up in their finery to attend a show at the Capital.

  2. Sheila Dixon says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you!

  3. Elvis has met his match.

  4. sarah says:

    best hair-do’s, ever

  5. Sybille says:

    The female is not so sure she’ll have plenty of time to escape. She’s poised to launch.

  6. Gail Frampton says:

    Beautiful photos as always! Thanks for the info on them as well.

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