KCPP boardwalk


I went out this morning to take a picture of the boardwalk at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park. By happenstance, this proved prescient for I discovered that it is soon to be replaced — by what, I do not yet know. Mind you, having slipped and fallen on a wet boardwalk a couple of times, I can understand the desirability of replacement. 

Here is an overview of the boardwalk. On the left is the path from the bridge over the creek. In the centre is the path over the spawning channel leading to the Visitors’ Centre. On the right is the path leading along the spawning channel towards the creek mouth and Lake. It is interesting to speculate how this might appear in a year,

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2 Responses to KCPP boardwalk

  1. birthe says:

    Hope this will be replaced by something that is safer to walk on. I slipped a few weeks ago as it was slippery with ice. Had to turn back – it was too dangerous.

  2. Irene McIlwaine says:

    What a strange looking structure seen from this angle. A giant caterpillar comes to mind. Thanks again Irene McI

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