View from high up


Here are two views from high on a North Shore Forest Service Road.

The Harrop wildfire as seen on Sunday morning, July 30, 2017.

This view of the dolphin at Kokanee Creek Park easily shows why this channel marker is placed where it is. We also see a group of people on stand-up paddle boards in the shallows.

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5 Responses to View from high up

  1. birthe says:

    Can’t see the dolphin – but it looks like an osprey on top of the marker?
    Or is ‘dolphin’ a word that has a different meaning than the usual meaning?

  2. Judy Brown says:

    The “dolphin” is the collection of pilings with a light on the top that is used for marine navigation.

  3. Judy Brown says:

    Interesting perspective on the fire. From the beach at Kokanee it looks like it’s just over the ridge!

  4. Trevor Goward says:

    Hi Alistair

    For me your wildfire shot creates an unexpected tension betwen the forces of destruction on the one hand and great physical beauty on the other. Not sure if that was your intent, but that’s certainly how it comes across, at least for me. Well done either way.

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