Kaslo views


Cameras were made for Kaslo.

This picturesque village sits on a delta with its toes in Kootenay Lake and its head against the Selkirk Mountains. Its homes and historical buildings are well maintained, and the SS Moyie is a National Historic Site. (As a child, I often watched the Moyie ply the Lake and even rode it.)

Visitors arrive in Kaslo with their cameras at the ready. But, as I was taking a picture there yesterday, I realized that I have hardly ever taken any of those standard touristy shots of the village. My images tend to be — what can I say — a tad odd. Here are four taken over the years, ending with yesterday’s.

Perhaps my most conventional image is a view looking down on Kaslo (barely visible at the Lake’s edge) from Mt. Buchanan. Yet, even it is somewhat different, for it is a 360° view from the mountain top (the picture edges could join to form a ring).

The beautifully restored SS Moyie is justifiably a camera magnet. Of my many images of it, perhaps my favourite is this full-sphere view of its engine room.

St. Andrew’s United Church is often photographed from the outside. This is my view of the inside.

In addition to Kaslo’s other geographic delights, a river runs through it. Here is yesterday’s view taken from beside the Kaslo River Trail.


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4 Responses to Kaslo views

  1. Joanne Pettigrew says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images.

  2. Irene McIlwaine. says:

    Wow , those are fascinating .. Many thanks .

  3. Kevin Underwood says:


    My goal in life is to be just like you, wandering aimlessly through the Kootenays capturing and sharing these marvellous images.

    I kneel before thee, sage with the fast long lens’s from Nikon.


    • Alistair says:

      Kevin, that is a lovely bit of whimsy about the irrelevance of my peregrinations. However, none of this detracts from the fact that in the last two images in this posting, I used a rather short lens from Panono, one that long lenses from Nikon cannot match.

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