Grizzly sow & cubs


I have often seen Grizzly Bears at this time of year, so I keep my eyes open for them. Although grizzlies are omnivores, I have usually seen them eating plants.

There were three Grizzly Bears: a sow and two cubs (probably in their second year). Photo by Cynthia Fraser.

It was a delightful sighting, for not only were they close, they were feasting among wild flowers that looked like larkspur. Now larkspur is somewhat poisonous to humans, but I don’t know whether it is for grizzlies. Nevertheless, the bears were ignoring the flowers. 

Rather, a clue to their activity was their long claws. They used them for digging for roots. Photo by Finn Grathwol. 

Here is one of the cubs digging in the ground. I have been told that they are after cow parsnips which apparently has nutritious roots until the plant sprouts. Photo by Cynthia.

There seemed to be a rather large amount of scratching going on. Photo by Cynthia.

One of the cubs. Photo by Finn.

Another cub that was unreasonably close.


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9 Responses to Grizzly sow & cubs

  1. denyse says:

    Wow, these are really astonishing!

  2. Wow! Awesome. Grizzlies aren’t common around here.

  3. Colleen Scissons says:

    Thank you so much for these photos! So much joy to look at the photos you took!

  4. Raphaël says:

    Absolutely stunning photos.

  5. R Parfeniuk says:

    Beautiful photos, prize winning in my opinion!

  6. Karen Pidcock says:

    Oh thanks Alistair & Cynthia for capturing these magnificent creatures up close & so focused!! My visiting daughter from Nanaimo with me and I have greatly enjoyed!!

  7. Sybille says:

    Hi Alastair. Thanks to you, Cynthia and Finn for some fantastic photos. I wanted to make a couple of comments about your botany. Grizzlies love to eat cow parsnip but it certainly did not look like a suitable site for cow parsnips as they only grow in deep rich soils not in thin rocky soils. Also I believe they typically feast on the stems and other above-ground parts of the cow parsnip which would certainly have been visible in your photo at this time of year. I believe they were foraging on the bulbs (corms) of the avalanche lily which are a favorite grizzly food and look to be present at our left on the 4th photo. Another favorite root food is sweet-vetch or Hedysarum a legume with many small peashoot-like leaflets that I don’t see on the photo but which certainly would be in full leaf when the larkspurs are blooming. What a treat and I hope you were able to view them from the safety of your vehicle.

    • Alistair says:

      Sybille, Thank you. Curiously, I had secretly hoped that someone would comment on the cow parsnips and provide me with some context (I am not a botanist.). You’ve done it superbly. I have read it (and will) read it a number of times to absorb what you have said.

  8. Gail Frampton says:

    Happy Birthday Alistair! Ken and Arlene told me quite awhile ago! You are only 4 days older than me! Love the photos as always. Gail

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