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Elk & harem

  home again For much of the year, elk travel in herds of females and juveniles. Separately, males travel in smaller herds or as individuals. However come fall, a male will form a harem of perhaps a half-dozen to a … Continue reading

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Grizzlies &

  A few days ago, I visited Bute Inlet to watch grizzlies hunt pacific salmon in the local streams and then posted a sequence to grizzly bear feast. Here are few more, plus another large mammal.  A grizzly bear scrounging … Continue reading

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Grizzly bear feast

  On October 3rd, I visited B.C.’s Bute Inlet to watch grizzly bears fattening up for hibernation by eating freshly caught salmon. The visit was during the spawning of chum salmon, so the grizzlies were predating a different species of … Continue reading

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Sea lions

  Sea lions: When posted, I called these seals. Mike C set me straight — so, sea lions it is. There is a point to showing sea lions in this posting: I am at the Coast. I am not at … Continue reading

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August’s goulash

  This is a collection of August’s pictures that lacked a posting of their own.  This strange looking bird is just a juvenile Robin. Wintering in the Amazon, this Red-eyed Vireo is near the limit of its summer range. The … Continue reading

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Bear cub

  Underscoring the frequency of black bears in the valley this summer was the appearance of a first-year cub. It was the second bear to come along, but it walked right up to me, while I was sitting beside the … Continue reading

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Whitetailed males

  It is less common to see male deer, but there were a couple beside the Lake. Two male whitetailed deer in July velvet A portrait Navigating the Lake Time for a consultation  

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Blaze again

  This is a good year for black bears in the valleys. Some years I see very few to none. This year, I have seen many. In particular, there is one bear in my neighbourhood that is easily recognized as … Continue reading

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Deer moult

  This posting was prompted by the scruffy-looking female mule deer that was feeding on clover in the picture on the right. There was something odd about it. Her body is adorned with whitish splotches. Yet, it seemed too early … Continue reading

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Black bear cub

  I was close.  

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