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White-tail suckling

  There are many white-tailed deer in the valley and they are, on the whole, quite visible. Yet there are some things that one rarely sees: rutting, mating, birth, and suckling. It is probably not that the deer has a … Continue reading

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Exotropia in bears

  The word, exotropia, is not found in my computer dictionary. But it is found clearly on the web (e.g., wikipedia). It describes the situation were one’s two eyes, rather than looking at the same thing, are deviated outwards. In … Continue reading

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Grizzly & Kokanee

  A (female?) grizzly bear wandered by and began feeding on Kokanee salmon. Before wandering off, it had eaten perhaps a dozen Kokanee. A few days ago, I looked at black bears eating Kokanee. I think the grizzly bear was … Continue reading

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Bears in Park

  Bears have arrived at Kokanee Creek Park. Usually, it is earlier, but while black bears have been here for a few days, they seem to be a bit late this year. Well, it was a good huckleberry season at … Continue reading

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  I rarely see a chipmunk. And it is even rarer that I see one here in the valley. This is to be contrasted with seeing the red squirrel which loudly berates me almost every time I step outside. The … Continue reading

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  This is the time of year to see juveniles. A number have already appeared in this blog, and a few of these appear again with new images. A juvenile Great Blue Heron was fishing in the shallows before sunrise … Continue reading

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Faeces disposal

  This posting about the disposal of a bird’s faeces was prompted by an observation of Cliff Swallows dealing with nestlings. That treatment will be left to the end. Incidentally, many of these pictures, although taken, were never used before. … Continue reading

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Snowshoe hare

  Snowshoe hares are notable for a number of reasons: Their colour changes with the season; They can be frozen when watched, yet have great speed when chased; Their population cycles with an eight to ten year period.  This brief … Continue reading

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Skunk kit feeds

  Sunday evening I watched two skunk kits forage. This was odd. Normally at this time of year these juvenile skunks would be accompanied (and supervised) by their mother, but these two were alone — no mother.  Over two weeks … Continue reading

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Eye to eye

  Within a few hours, I stood eyeball to eyeball with two predators. Well, neither was after me; I am just too big for them. One was a raccoon kit. Like the bobcat before it, it was checking out the … Continue reading

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