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  A coyote cares not that a deer is nurturing, only that it is nutritious. Clearly, the virtue of something depends upon perspective. For me, this site is an innocuous exercise in exploring the, mainly natural, world around Kootenay Lake. However, independent … Continue reading

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January goulash

  This is an end-of-the-month collection of images, none of which has had a posting of its own. Each winter, we hope to see irruptive species, birds whose southward migration is sufficiently erratic that on any given year they may or … Continue reading

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Hunting the Flats

  By the end of the 1930s, the broad flood plains at the southern end of the Lake had been dyked and grain cultivation had began. Grain attracts rodents; rodents attract predators; predators attract naturalists. (Of course, it is also appealing that … Continue reading

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  So unexpected was yesterday’s sighting of a mink that I initially guessed it was a particularly small otter. Small indeed. While the otter and the mink are both semiaquatic members of the same weasel family (mustelidae), the otter is about eight … Continue reading

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  As a portrait of a bobcat, this is mediocre. However, as it is the first bobcat I have photographed, it is a winner for me.  The bobcat was on a path on the west side of Kokanee Creek. It … Continue reading

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Making waves

  It may seem odd that I consider the picture below to be special. As a shot of a muskrat swimming, it is distinctly ho-hum. But, as a shot characterizing water waves, it is long-sought superb. This demands an explanation.  Almost any … Continue reading

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Muskrat food

  Last Saturday, I spoke at a symposium and showed many portraits of local creatures. I noted that the muskrat, the smallest of our three semi-aquatic mammals, is often unjustly maligned. It is not actually a rat, but an aquatic vole, … Continue reading

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Black grizzlies

  When I saw black grizzly bears three years ago, I was puzzled for I hadn’t realized that black was even an option for grizzlies. It is, but a somewhat uncommon one. When a black grizzly family was seen this week, it … Continue reading

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Parking attendants

  A black-bear sow and her cub often sleep the night in a Douglas-fir tree about sixteen metres above a local parking lot. Folks who arrive at the lot in the morning refer to them as their parking-lot attendants. Indeed as … Continue reading

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Grizzly boar

  One’s opportunities to spend quality time with a grizzly bear seem limited to a few times a year and, even then, they are fleeting. Alas, grizzlies like to keep their own company. So, it was nice earlier this week to spend ten minutes … Continue reading

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