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Elk browsing

  The elk were browsing. Generally, cervids (the deer family) partition their resources between grazing (root meaning: grass) and browsing (root meaning: buds) so as to limit competition in feeding. Grazers, such as elk, primarily eat grass; Browsers, such white-tailed … Continue reading

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Wildlife visitors

  Birds visit my yard; Deer visit my yard; But Sunday’s visitors were unusual: two coyotes followed by two ruffed grouse.  Upon spotting me, the coyotes quickly vanished into the woods without the courtesy of posing for portraits — so … Continue reading

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On the road

  Last week, as I watched a number of bighorn sheep travel along a highway, I thought about how often I had seen wildlife use our roadways. Certainly highways cut across the landscape and can act as barriers to the … Continue reading

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Bighorn portraits

  A visit to a herd of bighorn sheep yielded two portraits. A ewe and lamb A ram  

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Pika predator

  The pika is generally acknowledged as an adorable creature. Beyond its native cuteness, it is a herbivore and so is appealing because it feeds on nothing but plants. Yesterday, I revisited the pika colony discussed earlier. Snow had fallen … Continue reading

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Pikas prepare

  Pikas do not hibernate, so during the summer, they collect and store food for the winter. As winter approaches, preparation becomes intense. These pictures were taken two days ago. Yesterday, snow fell on the pikas.  Dyslexia: Pikas normally live in … Continue reading

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September goulash

  This is a compilation of a few images, none of which had its own posting in September. Ospreys have now almost vanished from the Lake by migrating far to the south. However, through September, they were still here fishing.  … Continue reading

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Mountain goat

  When compared to the satisfying closeups of local wildlife posted of late, today’s image of a mountain goat is, er…, only so-so.  Alas, mountain goats live in a world that rarely intersects my own: They habit the steep faces … Continue reading

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Feasting on fish

  Fish are a staple food for much of the wildlife around the Lake — we are, after all, dealing with a lake — so, I show wildlife feasting on fish. This posting was prompted by recent pictures, but these … Continue reading

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Young bucks

  I am so used to seeing white-tailed does and fawns, that seeing a buck is unexpected — let alone three of them. But, there they were along the water’s edge. The buck in the front is the only one … Continue reading

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