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Budding buck

  A deer’s antlers are regrown each year. They start in the spring as buds and grow quickly to full size in about four months. This morning’s white-tailed buck shows only a few day’s growth. Indeed, the growth is about the same … Continue reading

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Friends in residence

  I generally try to sample delights throughout the neighbourhood of Kootenay Lake — a rather substantial area. However, the neighbourhood sampled for today’s posting is rather constrained: things seen in or from my yard over the last few days. Of course, … Continue reading

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Hare’s hair

  Seasonal bunny: This hare showed insensitivity to mythology by neither laying nor hiding eggs. A hare’s hair moults. Our local snowshoe hare (we don’t have rabbits around here) is white in winter and rusty brown in summer. The transition … Continue reading

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Otter in suspension

  A travelling animal can employ various gaits, a word that describes the pattern of movement of limbs during locomotion. A bipedal human might walk, hop, or run, each a different form of propulsion. The transition from one gait to another takes place when the … Continue reading

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Otter twist

  When climbing out of the Lake, many animals disperse water by twisting and shaking. Dogs do it, eagles do it, and otters do it.  While I had seen otters spin their heads to shake off water, I had not … Continue reading

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Cryptic muskrat

  Sometimes camouflage allows wildlife to pass almost unnoticed.

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March marmot again

  Over the preceding five years, the first marmot I noticed appeared progressively earlier in the season. Five years ago, it was late March, last year it had shifted to late February. Was this a trend? With the persistent snows of … Continue reading

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Tracks in snow

  After an overnight dusting of snow, I like to look for animal tracks in my yard to discover what creatures share my space. Sometimes no one comes; sometimes snow keeps falling and covers the evidence. Now and then I see … Continue reading

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  A coyote cares not that a deer is nurturing, only that it is nutritious. Clearly, the virtue of something depends upon perspective. For me, this site is an innocuous exercise in exploring the, mainly natural, world around Kootenay Lake. However, independent … Continue reading

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January goulash

  This is an end-of-the-month collection of images, none of which has had a posting of its own. Each winter, we hope to see irruptive species, birds whose southward migration is sufficiently erratic that on any given year they may or … Continue reading

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