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October goulash

  This is a collection of images from this October, none of which has had a posting of its own. The month started slowly with many walks producing few good observations, but things improved towards month’s end. A dozen different … Continue reading

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Cold-morning elk

  In the cold-morning air, an elk could see its breath. It is my guess that elk will have, at best, only a shallow grasp of the physics of the experience.  The elk’s exhaling is producing steam fog. The process … Continue reading

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Bighorny supplement

  This is a supplemental story to that of the reluctant ewe, posted yesterday. Initially, there were actually four rams courting the ewe: the adult and three juveniles. However, the posting picked up the story after the adult ram had … Continue reading

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The reluctant ewe

  Bighorn Sheep mating seems to involve lopsided urges. My (admittedly casual) observations are that the only concession a female makes is to turn up to the rut. Beyond that, she seems uninterested in any ensuing activity. A ram pursues … Continue reading

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  October is a month of transitions. Katabatic winds flow out over the water and give rise to ephemeral sprites of steam fog. Curiously, despite the gentleness of the wind, a steam devil emerges. The orangish colours of Western Larch … Continue reading

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September goulash

  This September’s goulash is thin gruel: only two previously unposted images from a generally sparse month of postings. There are two unusual features to this picture of a chipmunk. I usually see chipmunks in the mountains rather than at … Continue reading

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Bears in a tree

  A black bear sow and her two cubs have staked out a local creek to fish for spawning Kokanee. Although she has explored the creek, I have yet to see her do so. Rather, I had a view of … Continue reading

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Flaws in supporting pictures

  This blog bases its postings on recently taken pictures from local nature. Now and then an identification is mistaken and this results in a flawed text. Nevertheless, the picture is correct.  News sites have the opposite problem. A textual … Continue reading

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Staring fawn

  Now is the season to watch fawns — and the season for fawns to stare back at us. Deer stare at people, and, it seems, this practice starts at a fairly early age. As was discussed in staring contests, … Continue reading

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Wolf family

  That indefatigable wanderer of the woods, Doug Thorburn, has shared his pictures of a family of wolves, which he encountered beside a mountain road in the south Selkirks in late July. Fifty years ago, wolves were considered to be … Continue reading

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