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Killdeer skating

  Killdeers are the first shorebirds to arrive each year. They have been reported from around the region for a week now. This year, some encountered ice. A frozen pond did not prove as inviting to an arriving killdeer as would a … Continue reading

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I watch, you shouldn’t

  Red-tailed Hawks are rather like governmental spy agencies: They like to watch, but they do not appreciate it when they are, themselves, monitored. The hawks frequently watch from utility poles or trees alongside a roadway, apparently waiting for road-kill. They … Continue reading

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Short-eared Owl

  You might see one around the Lake, but exceedingly rarely. Indeed, I had only seen a Short-eared Owl once before and that was in 2012 on the grasslands of Kokanee Creek Park (owl wins). This time I got a better picture. … Continue reading

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  The harrier is a distinctive hawk that flies low over grasslands searching for mice and voles.  Northern Harriers can be seen in the fields around Kootenay Lake at any time of the year, but they are never common. My … Continue reading

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Heron stance

  The first thing to realize is that this picture does not show what it appears to show. It is easy to imagine that this is a picture of a bird squatting to poop in a field. That is not … Continue reading

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Eagles abound

  I saw five Bald Eagles around the West Arm a couple of days ago.  It was interesting that, when I visited the Creston Flats three weeks ago, I saw no eagles, only hawks. The difference is probably related to … Continue reading

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Red-tailed Hawk

  The Red-tailed Hawk is widespread in North America — which doesn’t mean that it is an everyday sighting anywhere. Indeed, along the West Arm lakeshore of Kootenay Lake, I don’t often see it except in March and April. These … Continue reading

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Persistent swans

  Typically, swans stop at the Lake to feed only for a few days during their migrations north or south. However, there are two Trumpeters that have occupied the lakelet west of Kokanee Creek Park for about a month. I saw … Continue reading

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Snow birds

  “I cannot think that I have ever done anything to deserve this.” “Quite complaining, thrush. Do you think that mallards were designed to be icebreakers?”

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January goulash

  This is an end-of-the-month collection of images, none of which has had a posting of its own. Each winter, we hope to see irruptive species, birds whose southward migration is sufficiently erratic that on any given year they may or … Continue reading

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