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May miscellaneous

  I went looking for something else, but instead found, well, many other things. On a pond by the river, there was a loafing log with 14 painted turtles in three sizes. The mature females are the largest and there … Continue reading

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Two shorebirds

  Killdeers, I am used to seeing, as they migrate to this region earlier that other shorebirds. But now I was expecting to see the Spotted Sandpiper. But, no, there was a Solitary Sandpiper, probably on its way north. It … Continue reading

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Sage Thrasher

  Wander around enough, and you will sooner or later encounter something offbeat. That is what happened yesterday morning when I found a Sage Thrasher. The Sage Thrasher is a western bird that is one of the rarest birds in … Continue reading

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Spring arrives

  The temperature now rises above freezing day and night at the bottom of the valleys. The trees begin to bloom, and skunk cabbage sprouts in moist areas. Birds mate and build nests. Migrants arrive and some pass northward. This … Continue reading

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Wild Turkey mating

  This posting either has two pictures or nine pictures depending upon your sensitivity. The survival of a species depends upon two things: food and reproduction. This is about reproduction. This posting is also about Wild Turkeys, a bird that … Continue reading

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Nesting on wooden pilings

  Wooden pilings are used by a few species for breeding. Now that these pilings are on their way out, how will this change? Metal pilings are the new standard. This is the second of a two part series on … Continue reading

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Perching on wooden pilings

  Wooden pilings have been a welcome sanctuary for a variety of wildlife, but it will end. This is the first of two postings, the first being on perching, the second being on nesting. In both cases they are restricted … Continue reading

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Trumpeter courting

  One of this winter’s sweet delights has been how many Trumpeter Swan families and larger groupings are frequenting the shallows, shores and creek mouths of Kootenay Lake. A week ago Saturday, I spent two hours quietly watching about 20 … Continue reading

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Injured swan

  I rarely see wildlife that is either injured or deformed. It may be that they are rare, or it may be that predators quickly dispatch them (or both). For the animal with an injury to persist, the injury would … Continue reading

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Confused teal

  The Green-winged Teal is a rather small dabbler that is neither rare nor common around here. It spends its winters to our south and its summers to our north. Twice a year it courses through here as it goes … Continue reading

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