Hunting flotilla


Nothing else on the Lake looks similar to a fleet of Common Mergansers in hunting formation.

The birds spread apart as they race across the water; their heads are down as they scour the shallows for fish. The sight is reminiscent of a fleet of frigates searching the depths for U-boats.

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3 Responses to Hunting flotilla

  1. Claire says:

    That is an amazing picture.

  2. Christine says:

    Nice image. There is always something happening in nature!

  3. Denise Brownlie says:

    “A keeper”, Alistair, to print and add to the improvised Rolodex I’m putting together, with favourites from your photographs. The hard part is deciding which ones will be in that Rolodex, to turn each day like a calendar. It’s great that every image remains available on the computer, but (like books and even newspapers) something to hold in one’s hand, or to sit on a side table, is invaluable. To me, at least!

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