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Barrow’s Goldeneye

  Occasionally when I manage a reasonably good shot, I use it as an opportunity to discuss the species. Such is the case with the Barrow’s Goldeneye couple, below; they are one of our two goldeneye ducks. The other is … Continue reading

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April goulash

  This is a collection of April’s images, each of which lacked a posting of its own. A Tree Swallow couple prepares to do housekeeping. The Northern Pintail is most often seen in the spring and fall as it migrates … Continue reading

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Black-necked Stilt

  The Black-necked Stilt does not visit Kootenay Lake — or that is what the range maps of bird websites would have you believe. Indeed, I have not seen it here before. And the bird isn’t even listed in Cannings’ … Continue reading

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Ospreys and geese

  Ospreys tend to return to the same nests year after year. However, often when they return, they find their last-year’s nest already occupied by geese. The osprey sometimes succeeds in driving the geese out, but sometimes the goose just … Continue reading

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Herons are back

  I saw a Great Blue Heron this morning. This might seem to be an inconsequential observation. One might see herons in every month of the year, so it isn’t as if they are like ospreys: gone in the cold … Continue reading

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Mountain Bluebird

  Mountain Bluebirds are arriving. They like open fields where they hunt insects from low perches. Once an insect is spotted, the bird dives on it, returns to a perch, and feasts. A splash of blue sits in the leafless … Continue reading

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March goulash

  This is a collection of interesting creatures taken this March that lacked a posting of their own.  Many are seeing Evening Grosbeaks this year. Why have they become relatively common? In the spring, we see two species of bluebirds: … Continue reading

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Bearded finch

  Three days ago, I watched an odd looking (female) House Finch: it had a beard.  These finches like seeds and initially I thought that it had one of those fluffy seeds such as those of a dandelion or a … Continue reading

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Dangling legs

  During an open-air flight, a bird will use dangling legs and open claws as a threatening posture towards another bird. The first time I became aware of dangling legs with open claws being used in a bird attack was … Continue reading

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Hoodie travel optimization

  Much of bird watching involves creature identification, along with tracking seasonal migration. However, this posting is about neither of these; rather, it treats obscure behaviours of a duck, the Hooded Merganser. The issue is that of the duck optimizing … Continue reading

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