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A week late

  Late August is the time to start watching the Kokanee salmon run and all the results from it. Some of the results, the bears eating fish, has been diminished perhaps largely by the repaving on the road. This activity … Continue reading

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Uncommon harasses rare

  I have casually been watching for the Lewis’s Woodpecker and saw it two days ago, a little over two weeks later than those seen last year. Birds have their niches. Some are adapted to water, some just to shorelines. … Continue reading

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Eagle juvenile

  Two seconds. That is all the time I had when I rounded a corner and startled a juvenile Bald Eagle (hatched this year). That is the time it took for the eagle from being in a hidden perch on … Continue reading

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Juvenile ospreys

  Two juvenile ospreys have left the nest just this week. It seems a bit early for them and they were being watched by a parent in a nearby tree. We may be able to see them for most of … Continue reading

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  This is the time of year to see juveniles. A number have already appeared in this blog, and a few of these appear again with new images. A juvenile Great Blue Heron was fishing in the shallows before sunrise … Continue reading

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Juvenile herons

  As the sun was rising, two juvenile Great Blue Herons were hunting from a dock. But, the most striking pictures were of them with their wings out. At one point, both herons took off at the same time, one … Continue reading

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Osprey & chick

  Yesterday, an osprey was sitting in a tree contemplating a headless fish. Not far away, but in a nest above the Lake, was his partner and their one chick. This male osprey had stopped by the tree to eat … Continue reading

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Faeces disposal

  This posting about the disposal of a bird’s faeces was prompted by an observation of Cliff Swallows dealing with nestlings. That treatment will be left to the end. Incidentally, many of these pictures, although taken, were never used before. … Continue reading

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Feeding swallow chicks

  These Tree Swallows have been feeding their chicks in their cavity nests for some time, however the chicks are now big enough to be sticking their heads out and so can be seen. Both parents have a full-time job. … Continue reading

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Heron & fish

  The Great Blue Heron is a patient bird. Yesterday, it spent an hour on a dock ramp just watching for a fish before it caught a small meal. This seems to be an adult female heron. It has a … Continue reading

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