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Tree Swallows mating

  Mating among birds, while essential for survival, goes by amazingly quickly. For these Tree Swallows, from the arrival picture to the departure picture, only a second transpired. But the mating was accomplished. A male flies to a female, who … Continue reading

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Yellow warbler nest

  The Yellow Warbler is a long-distant migrant that is here from May to September. But just try to photograph it. It is small and very fast as it flits from place to place. My daughter, Cynthia, found a nest … Continue reading

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Dipper chicks

  This year, I did not catch dipper chicks in the nest. But we did capture them in the creek being fed by a parent. Three dipper chicks stand with their mouths agape and their wings raised as they beg … Continue reading

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Osprey mating

  Osprey mating does not occur throughout the year, but rather only over a limited time in the spring. The Osprey mating season is now nearing its completion, but, for some, it is still taking place. This male spent its … Continue reading

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California quail

  The California Quail does not belong here. But, this one was seen just west of Nelson yesterday. The California Quail was seeded in the Okanagan for hunting in the nineteenth century, but it is rarely seen here. It is … Continue reading

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May goulash

  This is a small collection of pictures taken this May which didn’t have a posting of their own. Well in this case, it is also just a few shots while trying out a camera. One of my first shots … Continue reading

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Hummingbirds, plus

  Hummingbirds have been seen recently around the region. I have seen a female Rufous Hummingbird for about a week. And of late, a male Black-chinned Hummingbird has arrived. During the hummingbird season, we get three different species: rufous, black-chinned, … Continue reading

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Eagle’s lost nest

  Thursday evening (May 16, 2024) a Bald Eagle’s huge nest came down when the top part of the tree blew off in high wind. The two chicks in the nest were killed in the fall to the ground far … Continue reading

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May miscellaneous

  I went looking for something else, but instead found, well, many other things. On a pond by the river, there was a loafing log with 14 painted turtles in three sizes. The mature females are the largest and there … Continue reading

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Two shorebirds

  Killdeers, I am used to seeing, as they migrate to this region earlier that other shorebirds. But now I was expecting to see the Spotted Sandpiper. But, no, there was a Solitary Sandpiper, probably on its way north. It … Continue reading

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