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Juvenile Turkey Vulture

  This is the time to see a variety of juvenile birds flying around. They are as large as adults and they haven’t migrated yet. Further, they often look different from the adults. And, they are sometimes different in other … Continue reading

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Scarce migrants

  We have many ground-feeding birds and many migrants, but some are rather uncommon. I encountered two of them yesterday: a Horned Lark and a Lapland Longspur. Mind you, I strikingly misinterpreted them initially. As the longspur often kept rather … Continue reading

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Osprey family

  It is September, but some Osprey families have yet to separate. Soon the adults will migrate leaving only the juveniles (white-flecked wings, orangish eyes) to linger a little longer before going. This will be one of the final meals … Continue reading

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Red-necked Phalarope

  A juvenile Red-necked Phalarope visited the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. This shorebird summers and breeds in the Canadian Arctic and it winters in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador and Peru. To get from one place … Continue reading

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August’s goulash

  This is a collection of August’s pictures that lacked a posting of their own.  This strange looking bird is just a juvenile Robin. Wintering in the Amazon, this Red-eyed Vireo is near the limit of its summer range. The … Continue reading

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Busy soarers

  The creeks are awash with kokanee salmon that have come to spawn and die. Many species gather to feast upon kokanee. I will feature only three that we see soaring over the creeks as they eye the fish. Only … Continue reading

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Yellow-headed Blackbird

  Over a decade ago, I saw my first Yellow-headed Blackbird. It was a male and here it is again. It was on the Creston Flats at the south side of Duck Lake. Except for one other occasion, that is … Continue reading

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Lewis’s Woodpecker

  In the southeastern portion of the province for a few months in the summertime, one gets a small population of a strange bird. A few Lewis’s Woodpeckers have arrived to breed. The Lewis’s Woodpecker lives year-round in the southwestern … Continue reading

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Osprey and eagle

  The ospreys have three chicks. And for the longest time, that was all there was to say. Then, a year-old eagle got involved and things quickly got interesting.  So, let’s start at the end. What was a juvenile eagle … Continue reading

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Cavity congestion

  Tree Swallows nest in holes made by others such as woodpeckers or man. Both parents help to feed their youngsters. This is the breeding season which means that there is great deal of coming and going. Often one parent … Continue reading

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