Sunny crossing


Yesterday, I had occasion to cross Kootenay Lake on the M.V. Balfour on one of the few sunny days in the last few weeks. It offered the opportunity to take a couple of panoramas.

The first view is a scene as the ferry is pulling out of Kootenay Landing in the late afternoon. The route will take one across the Lake to the gap in the mountains and the low sun. To see right around the horizon, click down on the panorama and drag in either direction.

The second view was taken as the ferry was entering the narrows between Balfour (the town) and Procter. This (polar stereographic) mapping has been given the cute name of the little planet. The fall foliage of cottonwoods along the shore and larch higher on the mountains adds colour.

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  1. Tom Johnston says:

    Our little planet looks so cute. I hope the bubble doesn’t burst!!

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