Pushing off


One’s reaction time — typically about 0.2 seconds — isn’t small enough to photograph some fleeting events: once something interesting is seen, the press of a camera button always comes too late to record it. Inevitably, some pictures are little more than mistakes where an attemptĀ to capture one thing results in another.

The instant a dipper pushed off was an inadvertent, if delightful, capture.

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6 Responses to Pushing off

  1. birthe says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – I’ve never seen a dipper fly, what a treat.

  2. Melanie Wright-Day says:

    I could observe the quirky dipper for hours….love how you captured this moment!

  3. Paul Prappas says:

    Great capture!

  4. they call this serendipity! Alistair, you are a true artist!

  5. Carl Smith says:


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