Golden pearls


As dippers worked a creek, it seemed as if they were pearl divers searching for rare golden orbs.

If judged solely by appearance, the dipper is a nondescript little bird. That assessment changes when one watches the bird’s antics: It is a songbird that flies underwater to collect comestibles in swift mountain streams. Its palate appreciates items from aquatic arthropods to fry, but particularly prized seem to be the fertilized golden eggs of the Kokanee salmon. True, the bird will also accept the unfertilized pearly-white eggs, but it seems to favour golden orbs. 

A dipper retrieved three golden pearls and placed two on an ice shelf to be downed one at a time.

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  1. Melanie Wright-Day says:

    This guy looks so plump and healthy, nice to see him enjoying his favorite delicacy!

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