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Eats, fish & leaves

  There is a classic joke that depends upon the sloppy employment of a comma: Eats, shoots and leaves. This is how Wikipedia tells it: A panda walks into a café. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a … Continue reading

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Dipper scarfs egg

  A dipper is an unusual songbird on a number of counts. It flies underwater in search of comestibles in turbulent mountain streams. But, when if finds something, it apparently doesn’t eat it immediately, but brings it to firm ground … Continue reading

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Fishing grizzlies

  Three smallish grizzly bears were fishing in a stream. I suspect that these bears were cubs freshly on their own as they had yet to develop the prominent shoulder hump of adult grizzlies. This grizzly appears to be looking … Continue reading

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Smoke and fish

  Late summer is the season of smoke and fish. The smoke is episodic — some years none, some years considerable. This year it is particularly bad. The fish, spawning kokanee, are an annual staple that is far more agreeable. … Continue reading

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Osprey and fish

  There was a time when local sport fishermen demonized the osprey: How dare that bird prey on (what was fantasized as) their fish? Clearly, we need to kill the osprey. Locally burned pilings still stand as a mute testimony … Continue reading

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Factious ospreys

  Nature is not bucolic. Animals attack one another with tooth, claw, and bill. Other species are seen as either food or competitor — in either case they must be attacked. I have watched animals assault prey. I have seen … Continue reading

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April goulash

  This is a collection of images from April, each of which lacked a posting of its own. If a robin is swallowing worms, it must be spring. This is a female. The Varied Thrush is a close relative of … Continue reading

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Grebe & fish

  Our four regular grebes all dive underwater to forage. The smallest of these is the Pied-billed Grebe. It mostly eats small fish and crustaceans, such as crayfish, which it captures and crushes with its stout bill and strong jaws … Continue reading

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Osprey migration preparation

  Around mid-September adult ospreys migrate. They have nested, raised chicks, and sent them off on their own. Now is the time to head south for the winter. However, that requires building up fat reserves by feasting on fish. (Juvenile … Continue reading

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Heron plunge

  Yesterday, with the Kokanee moving up local creeks to spawn, I posted a picture of a heron hunting by the creek. Today, it plunged after a Kokanee.  A Great Blue Heron strikes at a Kokanee. Alas, it failed to … Continue reading

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