Dead Duck Day


A month ago, I posted a story, Mallard’s #metoo, about the gang rape of a mommy mallard. At the time, I did not relate my observations to a TED Talk, How a dead duck changed my life, I had watched some years earlier. But, the two events came together, today, on Dead Duck Day.

The Mallard has been characterized as the ubiqui-duck. Observing one does not come close to constituting an exciting sighting. Birders hardly find it worthy of much mention.

So, how did today, June 5th, come to be known as Dead Duck Day — a day which honours a mallard in Holland that died while being accosted? It is now a day when mallard fans gather at restaurants and feast on duck.

The story is told at Today I Found Out, but the circumstances prompting it turns out to be the proclivity towards rape by the male Mallard.

So, my posting, the TED talk, and the article about Dead Duck Day, all came together.

A scene from my posting about mallard rape.


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  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    Poor mommy…feeling for her!

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