Bear colour


Black Bears are so called because all are apparently black on the east side of the continent where they were named. 

However around here, Black Bears come in a remarkable range of hues: black, chocolate, cinnamon, beige, cream, and white. These variations result from colour morphs, not from being subspecies. Indeed, various colours can be seen within one family (rather like hair colour in humans).

Below are two Black Bears, each of which was a first-of-the-season observation.

Karen Pidcock saw this handsome cinnamon bear strolling through her yard two days ago.

This black bear was seen munching on greens in the high country yesterday.

Karen Pidcock’s picture is used with permission.


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  1. Diane Biggs says:

    We have a few bear in the Blue Mts. But I’ve not seen any. Thanks for sending these good photos. How nice for you to live close to nature. I hope the bears are protected

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