Heron’s low yield


Being a Great Blue Heron is hard work: Repeated attempts at fishing produced rather little.

Over a period of twenty minutes, a wading heron made 37 lightning thrusts into the water as it tried to capture various fish it had spotted.

On only one occasion did it come up with a fish, and it was tiny. It did catch two at once, but one was dropped before it could be swallowed. Behind, the heron, another small fish jumps. 

At the end, the heron fluffed out its feathers as if trying to shake off a bad experience.

It is time to try elsewhere.


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2 Responses to Heron’s low yield

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    Great shaking photo…love them all of this magnificent bird! Thanks!!

  2. I enjoy imagining your enjoyment as you watched this unfold – each and every 37 jabs/stabs at the water!

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