Marmots are playful and affectionate.

We have two species around the Lake: the smaller, Yellow-bellied Marmots, live in the valleys; the larger, Hoary Marmots, live high in the mountains.

These Hoary Marmots were seen at about 1600 metres elevation. The mating period is likely over, and the juveniles are not yet out, so these are probably merely friendly adults.

“Let’s fool around.”

“Shall we dance?”

“Why not just make out?”


“And another one.” 

“Don’t mind me, I just like to watch.” 

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3 Responses to Kisses

  1. Jo Groff says:

    Very sweet : )

  2. Denise Brownlie says:

    Bookmarked, so that I’ll return to enjoy these photos again.
    Isn’t it possible that we greatly underestimate the emotional and affectionate connections among other living creatures who share Planet Earth with humans? And are we really the only creatures who are “aware that we are alive” ?
    Much to ponder . It’s a mysterious universe!

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