Bears in a tree


A black bear sow and her two cubs have staked out a local creek to fish for spawning Kokanee. Although she has explored the creek, I have yet to see her do so. Rather, I had a view of the family resting overnight in a tree.

OK, as wildlife pictures go, these are marginal, but the family was seen high in a distant tree through other foliage.

Two black bear cubs (seen in silhouette) rest in a tree, one above the other.

Mommy had been higher in the tree, but has now descended.


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5 Responses to Bears in a tree

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    It’s ok, Alistair, you’ve at least chronicled the event, which I appreciate! At least they’ve not been prowling under or up in my trees!

  2. Lois Theaker says:

    Alistair, I am one of your loyal “readers” that rarely comment, but I do really appreciate your work and the insights you give us into the wildlife around your area. I live near Victoria, so we do not have quite as much actual wildlife here (other than some of the night life if you venture downtown on a Saturday evening). My little neighbourhood is filled with birds and we do see the occasional raccoon or deer.

  3. cynthia says:

    how exciting! I hope you get to see them fishing!

  4. Tom Johnston says:

    I don’t suppose the bears feel much threatened and spend nights in a tree for safety, but maybe they do? They could have been scoping out the competition. Or are they just seeking a quiet night’s sleep, undisturbed, or perhaps they enjoy the fresh scent and cooling breezes while snooozing on a conifer bough? Momma bear might have been teaching the finer points of climbing and they were all snackered out so they spent the night? It’s quite fun to see them splayed out in a tree. Have you got the answer Alitair?

    • Alistair says:

      Tom, black bears are timid creatures. They are ruled by fear and food, in that order. I suspect that the tree roosting is precautionary against wolves.

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