Swans on ice


A family of five Trumpeter Swans stopped by yesterday for a snooze. 

So, where do swans sleep? I have seen them sleep while they floated in the Lake. Apparently they will also sleep on land, but doing so is fraught with danger from predators such as a coyotes. On this occasion, the little family slept on the border ice covering a shallow bay. 

Four members of the family of peripatetic swans slept on the ice. One parent served as a sentry. The adults are white; the juveniles are greyish. Beside each swan is a small deposit of poop (very few birds have much of a sense of smell).

With morning, the family stirred. An adult and juvenile (left) continued to doze; a juvenile (centre) started to preen, while two others stretched. 

Once everyone was awake, the stretching continued, but soon the family entered the water looking for things to eat. The visit ended later that day when they continued on their way. 


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5 Responses to Swans on ice

  1. Helen says:

    So beautiful!!

  2. Tom Johnston says:

    Exquisite beauty and shivery cold is what I see.

    It’s cozy under my down blanket (and theirs, I presume) on top of a comfy mattress but I still get cold feet; why don’t they?

    • Jean Simpson says:

      I don’t think birds have any feeling in their feet. When I was a child we raised chickens and sold the eggs. In the winter the chicken’s feet would freeze around the perch on which they had roosted for the night. Their toes often had to be pried free of the perch.

  3. Claire Anderson says:


  4. Christine Boyd says:

    WOW, must’ve been amazing photographing these swans. I heard last Friday they were around but hadn’t hoped to see any, so this is a great treat. Thank you.

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