Predaters and scavengers


Kokanee salmon flow up local creeks to spawn. Predators and scavengers gather to gorge themselves. Some come to feast on the living fish; some come to feast upon carcasses. Although these pictures were taken where the birds were feeding at the mouth of a creek, the eating was not captured. However, some rather nice flight shots of these birds were.

The osprey is a predator and specializes in catching live fish — it is the only bird in this collection that does not scavenge.

The Bald Eagle (this is a juvenile) is happy to feast on fish, either living or decayed. Here it is plummeting into the water to catch a live one. Alas, it was unsuccessful; the fish escaped.

Ravens are both predators and active participants in the scavenging community.

The Great Blue Heron is happy to feast on either living or decaying fish.

When it comes to scavenging corpses, the Turkey Vulture is pre-eminent. It is the only non-predator in this group; it avoids living fish.

My favourite shot of these events was of a Turkey Vulture flying away from me.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Not a comment, but if I send you a photo of a weird bug that’s been showing up just in the past few years. would you maybe identify it or know where to go to do so? If so, where would I send the photo?

    Loving all your photos.

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