Western toadlets


Locals have a thing for toadlets. There are even Toadfests where people help them move from a pond to adjacent woods so as to enable them to cross intervening roadways. But, many toadlets make it to the woods without human intervention. 

It all starts in May with toad amplexus where the Western Toads mate and produce strings of eggs. Then come the tadpoles. Finally the toadlets emerge and head for the woods. That is what we are seeing here. 

A toadlet (about the size of a dime) swims to the shore.

A toadlet then heads across the beach to the woods where it will spend most of its adult life.


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3 Responses to Western toadlets

  1. birthe says:

    Where did you catch these toadlets, Alistair?

    • Alistair says:

      Birthe, at Kokanee Creek Park.

      • birthe says:

        Thank you Alistair – Despite walking there many, many times I never saw a toad or a toadlet, but I did have a fully grown one outside my house at 9 mile. It was a surprise as it wasn’t exactly close to water

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