Flirting grouse


I only rarely see a Ruffed Grouse, and to see two is a treat. Today, I saw a male and female checking each other out. Now, they might have mated had I not travelled by, but who knows.

I managed a satisfactory picture of the female.

But the male (raised ruff, spread tail) was behind a tree and promptly left. Oh well, it is springtime so I will keep watching.

As a langniappe, I offer a feasting red squirrel. It is eating the seeds from a cone.


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7 Responses to Flirting grouse

  1. Linda Hobden says:

    I like the picture of the mail … ‘hmph, can’t get any privacy, so I’m outta here!’

  2. Trevor Goward says:

    Well, satisfactory or not, I love the way your composition turns precisely on that hen’s eye. Very engaging, so to speak.

    • Margo Saunders says:

      That is exactly why Alistair is not only a master of every subject biological, but also a master of all things photographic!

  3. Bee says:

    I had to look langniappe up.

  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    Thanks for the vocabulary addition: langniappe!!

  5. Vicki says:

    Love the reflections in the eyes!

  6. Christine Boyd says:

    Closeups are always special – thank you for the beauty.

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