Starling chick


Starlings are an invasive species which were released in New York in the 1890s and have since spread across the continent. Certainly, they are found at the south end of Kootenay Lake, but their numbers on the West Arm are rather few.  

Starlings battle for nest spots, and this year have displaced Tree Swallows in a Flicker cavity the swallows had long assumed. (The tree swallows merely moved to a different cavity.) The starling then raised a chick. It was discovered the day before the chick fledged and was photographed from a distance as it fed the chick.

The adult Starling feeds its chick.

In the fading light Cynthia took this shot from a boat of the chick just before it fledged. 


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  1. Lorna H Surina says:

    Great photo. How fortunate to be there at the right time. Something new for me. Thank you.

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