Orchid season


Wild orchid season begins in May and, spanning a number of species, seems to run through July. Indeed, on May 1st there appeared the particularly early-season orchid, the Fairy Slipper. And it appeared in surprisingly great numbers (last year there had been few).

Dozens of the western variety of Fairy Slipper appeared on the hillside. 

I found this small group of Fairy Slippers particularly appealing.


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7 Responses to Orchid season

  1. Mary McQueen says:

    Such beauty in a small flower. Thank you for sharing

  2. Gail Frampton says:

    I have not seen these beautiful flowers for a very long time! They are gorgeous Alistair. Thank you for the lovely photos!

  3. Karen Pidcock says:

    Calypso orchids?

    I must start searching for their beauty…thanks, Alistair!

  4. Allan Hobden says:


  5. Shirleen says:

    I found my first just today!

  6. Sheila Falle says:

    Knowing they are out there helped me find one, with its back to me, today. Thank you Alistair.

  7. Irene. McIlwaine says:

    How lovely. Thank you again

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