Young hawks


Over recent months, I have shown this year’s young of many species from Tree Swallows to White-tailed Deer. Here are the young of two hawks: Osprey and Red-tailed Hawk. 

A juvenile Osprey is still in the nest, but it is learning to fly by facing into the wind and flapping its wings.

This juvenile Red-tailed Hawk still seems to be trying to make sense of its new world.

It lifts off. Juvenile Red-tailed Hawks do not show a reddish tail for their first year.

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3 Responses to Young hawks

  1. Christine says:

    Incredible to see such detail. I love hawks, grew up around them in London Ont. Beautiful photos, thanks Alistair.

  2. Lorna Surina says:

    Great photos and I love that you share some facts many of us don’t know about your subjects. Thanks!

  3. Trevor Goward says:

    Your image of that junior redtail in flight left me speechless for quite some time. It’s beautiful beyond words.

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