Wednesday’s roving


My typical posting features a species or a process. But, today it is merely a grab bag of things seen while roving around yesterday with Derek Kite. The odd thing is that, rather than seeing interesting birds, all the good stuff was earthbound. 

I have mentioned before that as far as I can tell marmots do little more than eat, sleep, mate, and bask. Now and then, they also try to stare down passers-by.

It seems that turtles also choose the marmot’s lifestyle. These two Painted Turtles climbed a short distance up a deadhead and then decided that was enough work for the day.

The Columbian Ground Squirrel spends about two-thirds of its year underground. This peek must have been almost its first look outside.

Within ten metres of the ground squirrel were many glacier lilies. I suspect that the squirrel views them not as lovely, but as tasty. 

Finally, while driving past Nelson’s Cathedral of Mary Immaculate, I thought that the portico might offer an interesting site for a full-sphere panorama. 

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4 Responses to Wednesday’s roving

  1. Brian d'Eon says:

    Your marmot face seems strangely reminiscent of former Conservative cabinet ministers. Lovely shot.

  2. Anita T says:

    All of the pictures and comments were right on. Great shots.

  3. Irene McIlwaine says:

    Lovely shots especially the painted turtles, reflections incredible.

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