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A year ago on Canada Day, I posted a collection of my favourite images from the previous decade, and said: “My two-dozen mute portraits offer peeks into the charm and beauty of life in Canada.” Commenting on it, Carlo said that it offered a “somewhat different view of our ‘population diversity’ than what is usually presented.” I liked that.

So, on a day when most people choose to celebrate themselves, I will celebrate a broader diversity with a collection of my favourite images recorded since last year’s July 1st. Some are permanent residents and some are migrants. (Note: No migrant was apprehended, harmed, or separated during these encounters.) 

A Black Bear cub catches its first Kokanee salmon in a local creek.

A Northern Flicker chick welcomes its mummy bringing food. 

A Mountain Bluebird dons a tutu.

A Grizzly Bear sow and her cub graze in a field.

A Golden Eagle scours the valley bottom for comestibles.

Snowshoe Hares were plentiful this last year.

A Great Blue Heron flies overhead.

Looking out from treeline talus, a Hoary Marmot guards his domain.

A Hooded Merganser swallows a sucker whole.

A Mallard demonstrates walking on water.

An Osprey flies by with a headless fish.

The Mule Deer is the only local animal that stots.

Two River Otters claim a dock as now belonging to them.

A Pika cries “eep”.

Common Redpolls scrounge seeds in the midwinter.

A male Ruffed Grouse is in full display.

A Red-winged Blackbird announces springtime.

This Wood Duck is confident that it is superior to all the rest of us.


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15 Responses to Species diversity

  1. Jo Groff says:

    What a wonderful and much appreciated way to mark this day!

  2. birthe says:

    Wonderful, thank you Alistair.

  3. Lorna says:

    A great selection of favourites. Loved seeing them all together. Your photographs are one of my daily treats Alistair.

  4. Helen says:

    Some beautiful photos! I particularly love the duck walking on water! The timing was perfect!

  5. Karen Pidcock says:

    Thanks, Alistair, for this Canada Day reminder of the natural abundance of our land!

  6. Slydog says:

    But you still have not addressed the question: mosaic or melting pot?

  7. Claire says:

    I second those comments.

  8. Mary J Williams says:

    I loved all these pictures but one got a loud laugh (Mountain Bluebird) and one got Ahh my favorite Raptor (Osprey) and one was “I didn’t know ducks could walk on water” (Mallard) What wonderful pictures! Thank you! Hope you had a Happy Canada Day!

  9. cynthia says:

    lovely way to celebrate Canada. Many of your favorites from the past year are mine as well!

  10. Carl Smith says:

    Fantastic – Thank you for posting these amazing photos

  11. marylee says:

    Thank you for the lovely reminders of the real world outside the living room that you bring to us.

  12. Irene McIlwaine. says:

    What a lovely collection . Thanks again for sharing

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