Young bucks


I am so used to seeing white-tailed does and fawns, that seeing a buck is unexpected — let alone three of them. But, there they were along the water’s edge.

The buck in the front is the only one still in velvet. But, the rather sparse growth of the antlers of the two behind suggests that they may be in their first-year as adults. Can anyone tell?

A close shot of a Janus buck gives a comparison between antlers in velvet (left) and those without.


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2 Responses to Young bucks

  1. Christine Boyd says:

    These are beautiful photos Alistair! I was surprised to learn that they drop their antlers every year and start again the next year.

  2. Terry Baugh says:

    Hi Alistair
    Christine passed me your very excellent Buck photos & I would appreciate being added to your mailing list.
    It’s my understanding that first year Bucks have one or two prongs like the one still in velvet, & then they normally develop an additional prong each year like the other two have done.
    Apparently the growth of antlers is heavily influenced by the minerals in their diet, with those from areas where limestone is predominant developing the most massive examples.
    Cheers, Terry

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