Osprey harassed


This has been a really good year for wasps — not so good for the rest of us. Ospreys feed on fish, and wasps really like that.

An osprey has taken a fresh fish to the top of a piling to devour. However, wasps quickly gather around, behind, and on the fish. A bite into the fish holds the risk of downing an angry wasp.

Frustrated, the osprey vents. (OK, it was probably just lightening the load before takeoff, but it is pleasant to imagine that the wasps were being targeted.)

“I’m outa here, and you guys just cannot keep up with me.” 


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4 Responses to Osprey harassed

  1. Douglas Sly says:

    Ah, this is the upside-down carrier once again. Perhaps we need to give our heads a shake.

  2. Karen Pidcock says:

    Go, Osprey…leave those wasps in the dirt!

  3. Grace says:

    Such a keen observer of nature you are Alistair! and for our entertainment. Thank you.

  4. Mary Williams says:

    My favorite Raptor!

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