Osprey fattening


Ospreys are now eating as many fish as possible in preparation for their long migration.

Ospreys have been present since April. They built nests, mated, laid eggs, brooded chicks, and their chicks fledged. Now, mid-September, all are getting ready to migrate to Central America and points south. Preparation for this long flight requires building fat reserves. 

Consequently, a number of times each day, ospreys bring a fresh fish to a perch and feast.

An adult osprey arrives with a sucker (and a bit of salad).

It lands on a piling.

In an act repeated around the Lake, the osprey feasts. Soon, all will migrate.


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2 Responses to Osprey fattening

  1. I love the Osprey!! Thanks for the photos. Do you know what nest they are from?

    • Alistair says:

      Mary, almost all of the local nests have now been vacated and the ospreys that were once in them are now free agents as they prepare to migrate. It is now not possible to tell which nest they might have occupied during the summer.

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