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Grizzly & Kokanee

  A (female?) grizzly bear wandered by and began feeding on Kokanee salmon. Before wandering off, it had eaten perhaps a dozen Kokanee. A few days ago, I looked at black bears eating Kokanee. I think the grizzly bear was … Continue reading

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A week late

  Late August is the time to start watching the Kokanee salmon run and all the results from it. Some of the results, the bears eating fish, has been diminished perhaps largely by the repaving on the road. This activity … Continue reading

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Osprey & chick

  Yesterday, an osprey was sitting in a tree contemplating a headless fish. Not far away, but in a nest above the Lake, was his partner and their one chick. This male osprey had stopped by the tree to eat … Continue reading

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Heron & fish

  The Great Blue Heron is a patient bird. Yesterday, it spent an hour on a dock ramp just watching for a fish before it caught a small meal. This seems to be an adult female heron. It has a … Continue reading

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Dipper eats

  The Kokanee salmon have visited the creeks, spawned, and have died. The bears, the eagles, and the vultures have left after eating their fill of both live and dead fish. Now only some mergansers and mallards stay to consume … Continue reading

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Osprey family

  It is September, but some Osprey families have yet to separate. Soon the adults will migrate leaving only the juveniles (white-flecked wings, orangish eyes) to linger a little longer before going. This will be one of the final meals … Continue reading

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Busy soarers

  The creeks are awash with kokanee salmon that have come to spawn and die. Many species gather to feast upon kokanee. I will feature only three that we see soaring over the creeks as they eye the fish. Only … Continue reading

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Merganser and fish

  There are many mergansers on the Lake. Mergansers eat fish. But catch a merganser downing a fish. Lots of luck with that one. It happens very fast. The last time I succeeded with that was seven years ago. A … Continue reading

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Sandpiper & fish

  This is the first Spotted Sandpiper I have seen this year (on June 4th). It is also the first time I have seen one with a fish. Photograph by Cynthia Fraser.  

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Dipper caviar

  Kokanee Creek is thickening with gorgeous surface and anchor ice as temperatures plummet and remain below freezing this week.¬† Yet, dippers seem undeterred. Dippers appeared to delight¬†in the variety of expanding new ice perches. This dipper dove off of … Continue reading

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