Raptors flying


On Saturday, I watched three flying raptors.

The closest and most difficult to record, was a falcon: a female kestrel as it left its perch.

While I saw four Red-tailed Hawks, this soaring one was the only one that made for a good image. So, why does it lack its eponymous red tail? It is a juvenile. Next year it will sport a red tail.

The observational gem, however, was this Rough-legged Hawk.


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3 Responses to Raptors flying

  1. Karen Pidcock says:

    Wow, Alistair…what thrilling “caught” in flight magnificent raptors…many thanks!

  2. tina wynecoop says:

    The feather wear on the kestrel’s tail feathers (retrices) is so evident – she’ll probably be molting them soon.
    I have difficulty discerning between redtails and roughlegs when they perch on poles. Your photos help me a lot if I see them in flight.
    My wildlife is indoors: tiny pissants and stinkbugs are coming in – a bit earlier than usual.

    Hundreds of American robins and some redwing blackbirds are hanging around outside.

    Thank you Alistair!

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