Grizzly & Kokanee


A (female?) grizzly bear wandered by and began feeding on Kokanee salmon. Before wandering off, it had eaten perhaps a dozen Kokanee. A few days ago, I looked at black bears eating Kokanee.

I think the grizzly bear was aware it was being watched, but just went about its eating.

It was not particularly choosy. Sometimes it ate from the head first, and

… sometimes both, and

… sometimes the tail first.


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5 Responses to Grizzly & Kokanee

  1. Bee says:

    Beautiful shots, whether it’s heads or tails.

  2. Teresa Talbott says:

    I especially love the detail and textures in the close up shot! What a portrait!

  3. Stephen Wells says:

    Watching both black and brown bears feed at salmon streams in Alaska, I noticed that after they were full they would start catching fish but only eat the roe sac from females letting males go (often mortally wounded) immediately. I guess the fatty eggs were like a desert delicacy. Great photos! Happy to see some a grizzly getting in on the buffet too.

  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    Wow, Alistair…what a gift to be shown through your skilled photography such up close and clear views of Grizzly enjoying their fall thanksgiving feeds of Kokanee…and those piercing, wary eyes!

  5. Lois Theaker says:

    A bit of a grisly Grizzly! Wonderful photos and explanations as usual.

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