Thud. A robin collided with a window and fell to the deck. What followed was unexpected.

Soon a Short-tailed Weasel found the robin. Now it wasn’t clear whether the robin was dead or just stunned, but the weasel quickly settled the issue. 

A Short-tailed Weasel is a prolific land predator. But, it is cautious, usually hunts at night, stays well hidden, and is really fast. It is thus not an easy animal to photograph.

This portrait and the following two were taken through a window. It seemed to know it was being watched, but was determined to get away with its prize.

The object was to now move the robin to some other place and to eat it there. The deck of the house was not sufficiently private.

It grabbed the bird by its beak to try to move it.

The weasel stopped and looked around. It was remarkably cautious.

This blurry shot would normally be a reject, but not this time. The weasel began racing toward the edge of the deck and was in the air with its prize. Its striped abdomen was a surprise.

This fast moving weasel then jumped off the edge of the deck, so as to have its feast below.


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7 Responses to Weasel

  1. Laurie and Ed Mannings says:


  2. Tom Johnston says:

    Alistair, your camera control is as if it were merely an extension of your eye or arm. Such high quality images of split second and unanticipated action speaks of your prowess. Wonderful photos. Impressive, as always.

  3. Ruth Parfeniuk says:

    Wonderful photos!

  4. Karen Pidcock says:

    How I enjoy your show’n’tell of this hunter! Hope he appears in his winter white as the ermine for you to see and photograph.

  5. Jack Titsworth says:

    Alistair, fascinating, superb!

  6. Lorna says:

    I applaud your skill and speed getting those shots. Well done!

  7. Trevor Goward says:

    I wonder if those “stripes” could actually be stretch lines brought into evidence in the act of dashing madly off the deck.

    Anyhow, a real treat; thanks for sharing.

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