A week late


Late August is the time to start watching the Kokanee salmon run and all the results from it. Some of the results, the bears eating fish, has been diminished perhaps largely by the repaving on the road. This activity diminishes their access to the usual spawning streams. But, the birds have arrived for the pending feast. It is unclear to me what insights prompt birds to arrive prior to most of the fish.

Nevertheless, I did observe (poorly) an unfamiliar activity. While waiting for the fish to arrive, some of the juvenile birds fought. 

There is the odd fish available, but not yet a glut of them.

Turkey Vultures are here, but seem to have yet to find many dead fish.

The herons have gathered, some times in fours and fives.

Among the birds waiting for the fish to arrive were these two. Seen briefly (and with poor focus), it was initially not clear who they were, but the two of them were obviously fighting.

Only when they separated could I make out who was scrapping ahead of the fish feed. They were two juveniles: a Red-tailed Hawk (left), and a Bald Eagle (right). Presumably, when the channel was filled with fish, they would be feeding and not bothering one another. It is also possible that the impatience is partly driven by the fact that they are both juveniles and they are both combative raptors.


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2 Responses to A week late

  1. Bee says:

    The Hawk and the Eagle are probably trying to boneyize the best fish-viewing site.

  2. Allan Hobden says:

    Keen observations…good to know you are on the `job..

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