House Finch


Some sources claim that we don’t have House Finches here; others allow that we have some. The latter sources are correct. 

The House Finch is an urban junky. It likes to hang out in cities where it mainly eats plants. But while seen in our local city, I have usually seen it in rural settings.

A male (left) and female (right) House Finch were hanging out among sparse housing.


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5 Responses to House Finch

  1. Glyn says:

    Haven’t seen them yet. Hard to distinguish the female from pine siskens at a glance.

  2. Shirleen Smith says:

    Aha! I figured they were some sort of finch. They visited the East Shore a few weeks ago.

  3. Jean Simpson says:

    At certain times of the year I am inundated with finches. I, too, have trouble distinguishing the females from pine siskins

  4. Father Jim says:

    I love his song, especially on a bright , sunny morning!

  5. Christine boyd says:

    How lovely to photograph this pair together.

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