Fishing grizzlies


Three smallish grizzly bears were fishing in a stream. I suspect that these bears were cubs freshly on their own as they had yet to develop the prominent shoulder hump of adult grizzlies.

This grizzly appears to be looking straight at me. While undoubtedly aware of a human presence, it seemed unconcerned. Indeed, the look towards me was just a glance as the bear turned its head. Actually, grizzlies are influenced more by smell, and this one was fishing on the edge of a stream filled with freshly rotting Kokanee spawners. There was really only one thing on its mind: fish.

Sometimes a bear would stand in the stream and just eat a fish floating by. 

Other times, the grizzly would wait on the shore and grab one from the shallows. 

Yum, yum.  

The final picture was taken by Cynthia Fraser and is used with permission.


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4 Responses to Fishing grizzlies

  1. Mary McQueen says:

    Beautiful animals but it would have frightened me to see that bear look at me.

  2. birthe says:

    Fantastic photos Alistair and yes, they are a bit bigger than the one you posted yesterday

  3. Ruth Parfeniuk says:

    Great series of photos, thank you for posting!

  4. Christine Boyd says:

    These are beautiful shots Alistair.

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