Sandpiper & fish


This is the first Spotted Sandpiper I have seen this year (on June 4th). It is also the first time I have seen one with a fish. Photograph by Cynthia Fraser.


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  1. Ed McMackin says:

    On a jaunt into Boundary Lake, June 5, I heard one calling from the lake which was completely open but there were a large number of snow-patches in the forest. The road in was clear of snow but threatingly muddy and still banks of snow 5 feet. high on the upper side. Better to travel there near the end of the month. Parts were teeming with White Trillium, Glacier Lily with a few Globeflower.

    • Karen Pidcock says:

      I’m missing driving to the U.S. border where I’ve always enjoyed the trillium blooming at the rest stop between Nelson and Salmo. Never found any nearer on N. K. Lake! Would love to see some photos!

      • Ed McMackin says:

        The trilliums (T. ovatum) have been quite prolific and robust this spring as so have many other spring flowers. You might find some on the east slope of Kootenay Pass, along Hwy. 3, down below the snow line or at the snow line. Also, I have a public page on Facebook dedicated to spring flowers : ” Creston Valley/Kootenay Lake Wildflowers”. And, in addition, if you phone or email me (250-866-5747/ I can send you a couple of choice photos. Ed

  2. Lorna Surina says:

    Great photo, they’re quite flighty. I didn’t know they ate fish.

  3. Tom Johnston says:

    What a gorgeous photo Cynthia!

    Trilliums are common along the rail trail above Nelson though not in great abundance.

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