Bear again & again


This is the third and fourth time this male bear wearing a blaze has been seen to visit, although it has probably come by much more often.

Other years, I did not see black bears from ending hibernation until at least August, so these springtime events are worth recording. I suspect that the high snow fall in the mountains around us and the rain in the valleys have driven the bears down into the valleys. Bears? Well owing to the local unusualness of its blaze, I have just seen one bear repeatedly. 

I commented earlier that it was probably looking for garbage. It clearly found none and so seemed satisfied to eat local plants. Here it is eating clover. 

It looks as if the bear is looking at us. Maybe it is, but it was a passing glance.

This is a good time for a scratch.

For the longest time the bear seemed either unaware or unconcerned that we were watching it from a distance. However, at the end of a long session, it climbed a tree and, in the dim light, stared at us, but without the huffing sound that indicates insecurity. It then ambled to the next home. Photograph by Cynthia Fraser.

Three days later, the bear discovered a bird feeder. Photograph by Cynthia Fraser.

It set to work sampling it and destroying it. Photograph by Cynthia Fraser.

It really looks as if the bear is sticking its tongue at the photographer, but in truth it is just probably repeating the manoeuvre used on the bird feeder. Photograph by Cynthia Fraser.


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7 Responses to Bear again & again

  1. Allan Hobden says:

    Stuuuuusssssszzzzzzz….nay nay..

  2. nancy k rosenblum says:

    thanks for bearing it all. great photos

  3. Karen Pidcock says:

    All bird feeders inside if you don’t want to attract a bruin who’ll destroy it, as one did April a year ago mine…slow learner I!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Allan, can you ex-Plain language that slang for those not up on the latest hip lingo? 🙂 🙂

  5. Colleen Scissons says:

    Once again the father and daughter photography team have captured the unique personalities of bears! Thank you. I sent your sight around to all my family. I especially love the photo of the bear with the dandelion seeds, a close second is the bear caught in the act of his paws in the bird feeder.
    I receive so much joy when your emails come into my inbox!

  6. Stephen Wells says:

    It’s recommended not to have bird feeders up in the summer months due to bears and the abundance of wild foods which the chicks should learn to eat. Also, right now, they are recommended bird feeders bet taken down due to the spread of bird flu!

  7. Gail Frampton says:

    Gorgeous photo’s Alistair- I like them all!

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